Buying Men’s Athletic Fit T Shirts

athletic fit t shirts

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just want to look your best when you’re hanging out, athletic fit t shirts are the perfect way to keep you comfortable during workouts. They’re made from soft and lightweight fabrics that help wick away moisture to keep you dry.

When Buying an Athletic T-Shirt

The best athletic fit t shirts | Tailored Athlete  are fitted at the shoulder bones to provide a clean shape that enhances your torso. They also have a tailored waistline to eliminate billowing or excess fabric when you tuck it in.

A good tee should have a seam across the centre of your shoulders to the top of your arm, and the sleeves should go halfway down your upper arm to show off your biceps. If your tee is too loose, it’ll hang awkwardly and make you appear shapeless.

Sleek and Comfortable: The Benefits of Athletic Fit T-Shirts

Finding the Right T-Shirt For Your Body Style

Men have five primary body shapes: rectangle, inverted triangle, rhomboid, hourglass and straight. Knowing which one you fall into will be the most important factor in selecting the right t shirt for your body type.

Inverted triangle – This body shape features broad and muscular shoulders with a slim waist and hips. A slim or classic fit will compliment this body type, as will a more casual fit.

Rhomboid – This body shape is slightly less pronounced than the inverted triangle, but features wider shoulders and hips. A slim or classic fit tee will complement this body type, as will a more relaxed fit.

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