My Health Finder

My Healthfinder – The Roadmap to a Healthier You


MyHealthfinder is a one stop shop for health and wellness information. The tool is designed to aid patients in achieving their goals and improving the patient-provider relationship. It is a free resource for patients and their caregivers. Aside from information on what to do to improve overall health, users can find out which preventive health services are available to them. They can also see which preventive care providers accept their particular insurance plans.

MyHealthfinder is a product of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Its nifty tidbits include a slew of interactive quizzes and other gizmos that can be fun and informative. To encourage more doctors and other healthcare professionals to integrate myhealthfinder into their patient portals, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) put together a guide to the most effective ways to implement the tool in a clinical setting.

The myHealthfinder site has information on what to do to improve the patient-provider relationship and the tools and technologies to help health care providers and patients engage more effectively. Its website also offers tips on how to navigate the complex world of Medicare and Medicaid. This is particularly important for consumers who have just become eligible for benefits. One of the most interesting aspects of this product is its ability to help patients make informed choices about the types of services they want to receive. These patients are more likely to use preventive care services.

The MyHealthfinder product may not be as flashy as the competition, but its offerings can help patients stay healthy. With evidence-based recommendations for the most important preventive care and wellness services, it can provide the roadmap to a healthier you. Whether or not it becomes a mainstream part of the healthcare landscape remains to be seen. As with any tool in this space, it pays to be informed and make educated decisions. Using the tool correctly can improve both the health and the bottom line.