How to Find Real Estate Agents to Work With

If you’re buying or selling a home, finding real estate agents to work with can be challenging. But there are ways to narrow down your search and ensure you get the best professional to help you.

What are the 3 C’s of selling?

1. Find real estate agents through official referral sources like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) or a local chamber of commerce. These agencies typically have a strong local reputation and can be a great place to start your search.

2. Use online tools to compare agent profiles and reviews.

Several of the biggest websites for home buyers and sellers, including Zillow and Google, feature agent reviews in their search results. Having a large collection of positive reviews shows that consumers are satisfied with your service and helps you stand out among competitors in your local market.

3. Ask people you know for recommendations or interview agents in person.

Getting recommendations from friends and family can be helpful, especially if they’ve recently bought or sold in your neighborhood. It’s important to make sure you choose an agent with the right experience for your needs and that you can easily communicate with them.

4. Visit open houses and interview agents in person.

Visiting open houses allows you to meet and talk with potential real estate agents without feeling obligated to pick them out right away. This gives you time to assess each agent and their personality and experience to find one that’s a good fit for you.

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