Mega Patches – Skully – 13 Inch Wide and 14 Inch Tall – Fabric Sew on Patch

Mega Patches

Skully 13 inch Wide and 14 inch Tall – Fabric Sew on Patch

The Mad Viking original ‘Skully’ patch is a large, vivid, hardwearing patch. Featuring the infamous horde logo in an eye-catching array of colors, these patches are perfect for sprucing up your denim or adding a touch of ‘beardy’ flair to any outfit!

Mega Patches Unleashed: Exploring the Trend of Oversized Embroidery

Mega Patches(tm) is a high-performance, cold patch material with no old or recycled asphalt. It consists of a high-quality water-based binder with selected stone aggregates. It is environmentally safe and contains no V.O.Cs and no reclaimed bitumin. It is a superior product that can be used as a permanent patch on all potholes and is much stronger than conventional cold patch products. It is not affected by rain or UV light and can withstand traffic loads in 1 hour at 70°F.

After you’ve installed the mega evolution system by patching your ROM with lunar ips, simply open up the modded PGE and add a Pokemon that you wish to mega evolve. For the evolution method, select “Mega Evolution” and for the item choose the corresponding Mega Stone. The AI will take care of the rest. The Pokemon will revert to its normal state after it’s done battling.

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