RIBO Updates Level 1 Exam for Insurance Brokers


Insurance brokers ribo serve a vital community service, helping people prepare for the worst and make sense of their often complicated financial lives. They are there when people need it most, and they help families and businesses get back on their feet after disaster strikes. It’s a great job, and one that RIBO ensures is well-supported by setting standards for education and licensing for general insurance brokers in Ontario.

Recently, RIBO announced changes to the Level 1 exam for insurance brokers. The updates include adding more questions and a new competency profile that will give brokers a deeper understanding of commercial insurance. The changes take effect in January 2024.

LLQP Demystified: Mastering the Essentials for Success in the Insurance Industry

RIBO worked with exam service providers and industry stakeholders to pilot the new questions in November. The results will inform the final product – a completely refreshed exam, launching in January 2025.

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