The Best Portable Ice Bath

portable ice bath

The popularity of best ice bath has soared in recent years, with many people claiming that regular plunges boost their performance. However, the idea of submerging yourself in frigid water for 15 minutes can seem daunting. Even if you’re willing to do it, there’s still a lot that you need to know about the benefits of this exercise and the best portable ice bath.

The patented inflatable ice bath from Tru Grit takes 2-5 minutes to fully inflate with its pump and is easy to roll up and put away once you’re done. It has an industrial-grade drop-stitched chassis overlayed with a high-grade PVC shell that’s both durable and flexible enough to move easily. It also comes with a rubber floor mat to protect the surface of your home gym, garage or backyard.

Stay Cool and Recover Faster with a Portable Ice Bath

Another great option is the Edge Theory Labs portable ice bath, which has received nearly 1,500 rave reviews from users. The tub is large and deep enough for two people to use at the same time, with the option of adding an ice chiller unit for faster cooling. It’s available in a standard and an XL model, with options for a hot or pro version as well.

If you’re ready to give ice baths a try, consult your medical provider to make sure they’re safe for you. Once you’re cleared, start with a few cold plunges per week and slowly increase the duration of each session. Remember that prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can lead to hypothermia, so it’s important to stick with a few minutes at a time.

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