The Psychology of Online Gamers

In The Psychology of Online Gamers, researchers found that while gaming is not always a negative thing, playing video games excessively can become problematic. This type of behavior is a serious concern for mental health experts when it interferes with the individual’s functioning outside the game and negatively affects their relationships, education or career goals.

In fact, when compared เกมบาคาร่า to other technology users such as website surfers, gamers are much more likely to have poor offline friendships and social anxiety. In addition, online gamers tend to spend less time talking to other people – especially in the case of those at risk for gaming addiction, which is characterized by an obsessive and compulsive need to play.

Mind Games: A Deep Dive into the Psychology of Online Gamers

We also investigated the differences in gamers’ reasons for playing and how these relate to their psychological functioning. The results indicated that the most common reason for gaming was relaxation, followed by amusement and storyline. These reasons differed by sex and age. In terms of the link between video game genre and psychological functioning, younger gamers seemed to prefer action games, while older players preferred simulation.

Lastly, mediation analysis was conducted to test whether the relation between basic psychological needs (autonomy, competence and relatedness) and online gaming addiction is mediated by responsibility and meaning in life. The results showed that both of these variables were significantly related to online gaming addiction, with autonomy and meaning in life having serial mediation effects (see Fig. 2). These results support the hypothesis that individuals who are low on these dimensions will find gaming more rewarding than those who feel that their needs have been met in other aspects of life.

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