Upenn Housing and Off-Campus Living

Upenn has an obligation to ensure that sophomores have adequate housing. This is especially true given the university’s mandatory housing policy, a policy that students pay for regardless of whether they live in on-campus housing or not. A system that provides substandard living conditions for the same price as newer luxury buildings is not an appropriate environment for academic success. The recent leaks in Kings Court English House, rodent sightings at Harrison College House, and flooding at Rodin have raised serious concerns about the quality of Penn’s on-campus housing.

What major is popular at UPenn?

The newly constructed 4070 Haverford Ave building is a welcome addition to the freshman housing scene. The building features suite style living with single bedrooms that connect to study areas and common spaces. However, many students are still struggling with other issues in the older houses.

These problems have prompted protestors to take up the cause of affordable housing at UC Townhomes, an eviction threat that’s not actually on Penn property and in which the university has no financial stake. But if those protestors believe that they are fighting for the right thing by linking Penn’s history of gentrification in West Philly with the UC Townhomes dispute, then they are entering into wishful thinking territory.

There are numerous off-campus rental options near UPENN, including apartments and homes that offer the comforts of home and convenient access to campus and University City’s restaurants, shops, and bars. Several Realtors such as REDBLOCK Realty and University Realty have teams dedicated to helping students find off-campus housing that suits their needs.

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