Virtual Paralegal Services Enhance Law Firm Productivity

virtual paralegal services

virtual paralegal services can enhance law firms’ productivity by freeing up attorneys to focus on strategic decision-making and client interactions. These remote legal professionals offer a wide range of tasks to assist attorneys, from organizing case files and conducting research to drafting documents and managing cases. They are a cost-effective solution for firms, as they work on a contract basis and do not require the same office space, equipment or benefits of a full-time employee.

Having an experienced paralegal on staff can help you meet client deadlines and maintain efficiency in the face of busy times. Virtual paralegals are also well-versed in a wide variety of legal support functions, including docketing, calendaring, and meeting scheduling. Additionally, preparing initial drafts of discovery requests, responding to motions practice deadlines and drafting client engagement letters can save attorneys time and frustration by allowing them to spend more time on case strategy.

Efficiency and Expertise: Unlocking the Potential of Top Paralegal Firms

When hiring a remote paralegal, it is important to establish clear processes and guidelines for how you’d like the task to be completed. It is helpful to provide a step-by-step guide for each task and to prioritize tasks based on urgency. It’s also important to communicate clearly with your virtual paralegal so that there is little opportunity for miscommunication or misunderstanding of instructions.

Equivity’s team of thoroughly screened, US-based paralegals and legal assistants has experience supporting attorneys in diverse practice areas. They can handle single projects or deliver a comprehensive long-term legal support solution for your firm. Our contract paralegals eliminate the need for agency hiring fees, unused office space and equipment, and can help you avoid costly workers’ compensation, health insurance and payroll taxes.

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