What Is Web Development?

Web development is a process of designing and building websites. It is also called as web application development. This process includes research, design, testing and delivery of the website.

What does a Web Developer do?

A web developer is someone who has a strong knowledge of the Internet. He or she must have good communication and analytical skills and be detail-oriented. In addition, the developer should be able to handle common interview questions.

The Internet has become the primary means of communication and entertainment in the world. Web developers use computers and text editors to create applications. They may also work with multiple programmers.

Web developers must understand the purpose of a website and provide a seamless user experience. This will help a website to attract new customers and boost profits. If the site is not well-designed, it can lose sales to other competitors.

Web developers have to write codes and test the site to ensure it works properly. Moreover, they have to keep track of the performance of the website after its launch.

Web development consists of two main parts: front-end and back-end. During the first stage, a web designer works with a client to come up with a prototype of the website. Once the client and the web designer have agreed on the layout and design, it is time to write the code.

Web developers can be found everywhere. Most web designers work on their own, while others work for organizations. As the industry continues to grow, there are more opportunities for professional growth.

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